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Bosch hi-line satnav
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Hi having now had my car since November I am still having no luck getting the satnav to work 100% they have even changed the head unit. I now seem to know more than the garage can you help.
Bosch Hi-line satnav. If you put standby time to 24 hrs from 18 you may keep miles instead of kilometres for longer just drive every day. The TMC works (ie goes blue) ok but only if you drive up the East coast so it shows you the info for Paris etc not much good on the M25 please how can I tune it to “classic fm” to get the UK TMC info. Also is my satnav the only one that switches its self off if you drive on certain roads (it hates Chelmsford) stupid faults that spoil a great car.

Thanks hoping for good news soon.

Updated April 17, 2011 at 10:31 AM

Try downloading the manual for the Blaupunkt New York 800.

I know it's not Bosch but Blaupunkt are owned by Bosch and the New York 800 looks suprisingly similar to the Highline unit.

Might have some tips in their for the UK users and even some upgrades that are compatible, but you'd have to speak to Blaupunkt first.

Updated April 7, 2011 at 6:31 AM


Brabus Roadster Xclusive.
54mpg on average.

Now running a Night Orange 84hp Cab 36mpg on average.

Thanks I had a look and it’s definitely worth consideration spec includes (TMC) so we may be on to something.

I have added some pictures of the TMC info I get when in the UK note the place names. you will find them on the home page.

Updated April 9, 2011 at 9:28 AM

Not sure if I am missing something, but the interface and hardware design look completely different to me...


You may well be correct but including Smart it’s the only idea I have had in 6 months of asking. We once again got the travel info for Brussels at the weekend. Dose anyone get UK TMC info please let me know.

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